Elodie + Max | Lac Meech Engagement

Elodie + Max are so much fun!! I’m shooting their wedding next year and I can hardly wait!!!

We did their engagement photos at Lac Meech in Gatineau, Quebec. This was my first shoot getting in the water. Not gonna lie I was a little afraid of dropping my camera in the lake (mostly because the I took the strap off because it was about to break). We battled the crowed beach for a place to shoot. I think we did a pretty good job of making it look like we were the only ones there.. except in the photos where you can see Adrian floating along in the giant pink flamingo!! LOL! Adrian came along with me to the engagement shoot because we had a family 50th wedding anniversary party to go to before hand. He made the shoot extra fun and broke alll the ice so Elodie and Max were super comfortable. He’s the best!! He just floated and swam and talked to locals while we shot. We started off with their normal clothes and just feet in the water. Then they switched into swim suits and got fully in the water. And then they got to play with the big unicorn and flamingo (my favourite!!). They truly looked like they were enjoying them selves and having fun the whole time! I really want to create a space for my couples to enjoy time together while they get their photos taken. It’s a top priority of mine to make sure we have!

I ended up getting the bottom half of my dress wet and then going swimming in it after. The four of us went to get ice cream after in Chelsea. I had an ice cream sandwich, they’re my fave! Adrian got the best looking banana split! I love when clients become friends and we can hang out together after a shoot and get to know each other a bit better. It’s also really fun going through the wedding planning process along side my brides! We get to talk about how we first met our fiancé and dress shopping and give each other planning advice. It’s great!!

I loved being an engagement & wedding photographer while I was single but I enjoy it on a whole other level now that I’m getting married soon. I also understand the stress of wedding planning a LOT better!! Wedding planning should be an Olympic event!! Props to all the brides who bring it all together with style and grace.