Gabriela's Bridal Shower

This bridal shower was GOALS. I took notes for my own later this year!! Gabriela looked so beautiful in her dress, flower crown and henna tattoos. And her bridal party went all out with the party decor. They’re also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and have had the pleasure of working with. Gabriela even gave me a plate full of desserts for Adrian who was waiting in the car for me during the whole shoot (best fiancé EVERRRR award). I was truly honoured to be part of this this celebration. They are the cutest little family!! I’m looking forward to shooting more bridal showers in the future. They’re so much fun!!

While looking for a photographer for my bridal shower Megan’s Instagram page caught my attention. She has a unique rustic style, the style I was looking for.. She is amazing to work with and she makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera. She sent me a sneak peak the very next day and was very quick in sending me the final work.. Let me tell you her work is phenomenal!! I have never been so happy with my pictures, I have gotten so may compliments on them too! I can’ thank her enough for her absolutely amazing work. Her attention to detail and talent truly shows in her work. .. I HIGHLY recommend her, she is from now on our go to for any future events. Thank you Megan !! <3
— Gabriela