Ottawa Parking Garage Motorcycle Engagement

Adrian + I did a golden shoot with my Harley Sportster 48 with our friends Alicia of Alabaster Jar Photography and Eden of Eden Lillian Photography on top of a parking garage, downtown Ottawa and it was EPIC. Adrian had us all cracking up laughing the whole shoot! Alicia and Eden are queens at posing and making people feel comfortable getting their picture taken. Normally I HATE having my picture taken because I feel so weird being the center of attention but they made it feel really fun!! Adrian helped too. He’s a complete natural in front of the camera.

Earlier this year I had gotten the idea to make a list of ‘24 things to do while I’m 24’. I put getting my motorcycle license on that list. I’d been ridding on the back of my dad’s bike since I was kid and talked about learning to ride myself for a few years. Just before Christmas my dad and I found the perfect bike for me. It was low enough to the ground that my feet could touch and small/ light enough that I was comfortable. My dad bought me my bike so we could ride together for father/ daughter quality time. I am forever grateful!!! I absolutely love my Harley and riding with my dad. Adrian is also interested in getting his M license one day soon! He’s a Ducati guy but we’re slowing getting him to come over to the dark side (Harley) LOL. I can’t wait to ride with him soon. We’ve talked about riding up from California to Vancouver, which is my DREAM road trip!! I also put on my list of ‘24 things to do while I’m 24’ to be in front of the camera more so here it is!!

Thank you for tucking my feet in and memorizing my order at every restaurant. Thank you for calling me every morning to talk. Thank you for making the best food I’ve ever tasted. Thank you for creating a space for us to be vulnerable with each other. Thank you for loving me when I’m grumpy and emotional. Thank you for letting me ugly cry on your shoulder. Thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for rubbing my feet. Thank you for hanging out with my family and making us all laugh. You fit right in, like you were always apart of us. Thank you for being the best encourager and for pushing me towards a better version of myself. Thank you for putting God first. Thank you for letting me see your heart. 

Thank you for loving me so well. Neither one of us is perfect and love isn’t easy. But it’s worth it. You’re worth it. Thank you for choosing me every day. For wanting to make me happy. And believing in me as a photographer & entrepreneur and supporting my dreams. I believe in you too. You are my best friend. My person. My protector. My strength when I don’t feel like I can go on. My sunshine. The love of my life. The one I’ve been praying for since I was a teenager. My fiancé. I love you forever 🖤