Megan Renee Photography | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

I’d like to be more than just a brand and logo to my clients. I want to use this platform to tell my story and connect better with my clients. It’s really important to me that we make sure we fit well before we plant to do a shoot together. It’s totally fine if we don’t..but we should find that out before we start so that you can find someone who IS a fit for you and you get the best possible experience. If we have some things in common and you’re super laid back and into having your love captured in a genuine and unposed way then we’re probably a fit.

So here’s a little about me.. I’m a Harley owner. Californian at heart. I’m dating my best friend in the whole world. I love vintage motorcycles and good thrifted high waisted denim. Obsessed with weird facts and history.  Chicken fingers and fries is my go-to meal and my love language. Secretly I want to be a race car driver. If I'm not dreaming about the ocean, I'm dreaming about the mountains. I'm always planning my next adventure. 

Documenting people who are crazy about each other is my favourite thing. I want to capture those moments when you're lost in each other's eyes or laughing your heads off at something he whispered in your ear so you can look back at them on rainy days and so you can show them to your grandkids when your hair turns grey and you're still madly in love with each other. I'm not about stiff wedding day poses.

My amazing friend Courtney took these photos of me. I’m suuuuper awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera (that’s why I choose to be behind it!!!). I had to have my best friend jumping around and dancing behind Courtney while she was taking my photos of me because I just had no clue what to do with myself. PTL for best friends who are okay with being silly to make you laugh!