Our First Attempt At Self Portraits

I was inspired by Laura Pinckard to use a tripod to take photos of us. This is our first attempt and I think they turned out really freaking GOOD!!!! I’m actually so surprised at how well they turned out. We took turns running to press the shutter and back into place before the 10 sec timer went off. Thank you babe for making this fun even though we were both cold! I was about to give up and then you made me laugh and started posing us ( I suck at being in front of the camera). There is NEVER a dull moment with you!! 

Adrian didn’t love the idea of doing a shoot just to do a shoot. It felt too much like pretending. So I assure you this was real. I picked him up in the truck and we went to Tim Hortons, then got gas and drove around before choosing this location. This spot is actually just a block away from my house and turned out to be the perfect backdrop. And let’s talk about golden hour for a second!!!! We were both chilly but the sun made it look like summer! And it had been warm enough for bare arms earlier in the day.

I wanted to take these photos so badly because Adrian is going to be away on a ship soon. And I’m going to need all the photos + videos of him and us to get me through until he’s home again. Long distance sucks but he makes it all worth it. Also because one of the things on my list of 24 things to do while I’m 24 is to be in front of the camera more. I haaaate being in front of the camera but I love having pictures of myself that I love. Usually taking photos of myself is an incredibly vulnerable and sometimes emotional experience. I think most women can relate to that to at least some degree. So to have someone that actually made me feel good about the process is a miracle. Alsoooo because I’ve been wanting to take photos of this truck for YEARS!! How great is that 1970 GMC in Harley orange???! It’s my dad’s but shhh. Don’t worry we had permission to borrow it. He’s the best!

I’m so excited for more shoots like this! But I’m even more excited for summer drives in this truck with him!! Hopefully you don’t get too sick of our faces.

Also (I think I’ve used that word at least a 100 times in this post already but oh well!!) I’m trying out a new layout for photos so you don’t have to scroll for years to see all of them!