Viktoriya | Winter Tropical Greenhouse

Today is a perfect day to share this portrait session because it’s an actual snow day IN APRIL. WHAT THE HECK MOTHER NATURE??! Where is spring? I make no promises to ever stop complaining about Ottawa’s cold, miserable weather.. but I’ll try my hardest to high light all it’s assists and brag about how great it is when the sun comes out and everything de-thaws. Until that happens, here is Viktoriya in the Tropical Greenhouse at the Experimental Farm. There were piles of snow outside but inside it was TOASTY warm and super bright. The perfect winter escape.

Viktoriya wanted unique portraits of herself that reflected her personality for instagram. We both agreed that the greenhouse would make a really beautiful location for the shoot. It's pretty inside and out, not to mention warm and sheltered from the wind. Viktoriya brought a few different outfits to change into AND the prettiest tulips I've ever seen! They were honestly the perfect prop and they added so much to the shoot!

This is what she wrote about her experience having her portrait taken by me:

"Megan is a very unique photographer. She pays a lot of attention to details, very easy going and different. She made my photo session exactly the way I wanted and saw me the way I am. When I look at photos she took of me I see the soul in the pictures and can see the story behind it. I would really recommend her! Love love love!"

Reviews like this are my favourite and they make me SO HAPPY. Photography is what I love doing and I'm so happy it's what I get to do for a job full time. I get to met the best people and go to the coolest locations. Thank you to all of my past and present and future clients. You're making my dreams come true!!

It's also a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY day because my super hot boyfriend comes home tomorrow after being away for a month for job training in Owen Sound. Long distance isn't my favourite but it sure does make the heart grow fonder!