Cristina + Dave | Ottawa Experimental Farm Engagement

This cute little engagement shoot took place at the Experimental Farm in Ottawa. Initially we were hoping that the cherry trees were going to be blooming but spring seems to be running a lil late so we had to figure something else out on the spot. We found THE CUTEST tropical greenhouse ever and a great little spot in a field for our shoot! The day of the shoot it was also super windy and massive storm clouds were covering the entire sky! The moody sky didn't scare us off though. Overcast + wind just add character to the shoot!! We ended up having so much fun! 

Cristina + Dave are probably the coolest people you'll ever meet. They are the literal definition adventures!

A little bit about Cristina + Dave. (Written by Cristina) 

We love travelling and adventures! We took a six week trip to South East Asia this past summer and went to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia... we hiked up an active volcano and camped for three days, surfed on the coast of Bali, played with elephants, kayaked through a monsoon, steered a bamboo raft down a lazy river, swam with sea turtles, watched the most incredible sunsets, hiked through vietnamese rice fields... we're not the all-inclusive lay-on-the-beach-for-a-week type of people (although we do that sometimes too lol). We are planning more of the same for our honeymoon.. this time to Peru to hike the Inca trail and see Macchu Picchu as well as Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands.

The proposal was in true Dave + Cris fashion... we are big into snowboarding and we went to Mont Tremblant for a weekend away to board. Tremblant is a special place to us... we've been on a couple trips there before with friends and it is actually where we first kind of hit it off while we were in chiro school... anyways we were boarding in the glades (through the trees) and we were pretty deep in when Dave stopped and suggested taking a photo... we had our GoPro on us and we set it up on a tripod on video mode so we could get the photo (I thought nothing of it at this point because we did this allllll the time in Asia)...I turned to him and said something like "what pose should we do"... and he goes.. "I need to ask you a couple of questions first..." and that's when I knew what he was going to ask and I pretty much blacked out after that LOL but was hyperventilating and he was asking me things like "do you want to grow old with me" "do you want to start a family with me" "will you love me forever" then he got down on one knee and said "will you marry me" and obviously the rest is history. We got it all on video too! (the worst part about this is that our SD card glitched and we ended up losing the video thats another story lol)

We met in chiropractic college and we are both chiropractors... which is super awesome because we can always bounce ideas off each other... we can always empathize when the other had a bad day or a difficult patient. we love working together, which a lot of people think sucks but we love it!!!

We are both Italian (you'd never guess it from the blonde hair and blue eyes lol) and have big loving Italian families.

Dave is a triathlete and is competing in his fourth half ironman race later this summer... I used to play soccer in university and now just play for fun as well as do yoga, run and cycle in the summers.

We love dogs and we are getting a dog this summer as soon as we move into our new apartment!!!

Also... Dave is the most patient, loving, understanding, incredible man I have ever met and he is most definitely my soulmate.