Kayla + Josh | Cozy At Home Engagement

These two start their mornings together with coffee by the fireplace- so their home was obviously the perfect spot for their engagement photos! They made hot drinks and snuggled up by the fire, danced to their song and then we went outside to play in the snow. 

Josh wrote this short story about their relationship, how important God is to them and how he proposed! Give it a read and check out their engagement photos below!! Enjoy!

When Joshua first met Kayla, he couldn’t believe his  eyes or ears. As he entered late into the church sanctuary for the monthly Young Adults service, he saw a new girl he didn’t recognize, beautiful and with a stunning voice leading worship on stage. He introduced himself following the service and was immediately intrigued. He determined that he would make sure to invite her to various church activities that were going on so that he could get to know her better. 

And the more he did, the more he liked her. More than anything though, he wanted God’s will for his life, so he would pray every day, asking that God would make it abundantly clear whether they were made to be together. Joshua looked for every excuse possible to message Kayla, and by Christmas he was able to share his gift of storytelling with her, sending her two short stories he had written, which she loved. 

By mid-January, Joshua and Kayla were texting each other regularly, eager to learn more about the other and to simply spend more time together. Over the course of a mere 3 weeks of texting, Joshua had learned so much about Kayla. Her singing ability, her compassion, her loving heart, compelling interests, her familial desires, and most importantly, her deep dependence on Jesus. So much confirmation that they were well aligned on the most important elements of life. Joshua was hooked.

Having found a beautiful lady with so many great things about her, and whom he enjoyed talking with, Joshua decided that he wanted to ask her out for coffee. The moment he sent the invite message was one of the most nerve-wracking of his life, and the moment he received a positive response, one of the most elating. A coffee date led to a dinner date, which led to a movie date, which led to a romantic skating afternoon. By this point, Joshua was convinced of God’s will for their life together, and was in love with her, so he asked her to be his girlfriend. 

The following months were to be some of the most exciting and most challenging of Joshua’s life. He admitted his love following a night of dancing, which Kayla emphatically returned. He also proposed a song to be their own preceding a concert, and Joshua and Kayla danced to it many times over the months. Kayla got to meet his family, and he got to meet hers, and he was truly happy that his girlfriend had such terrific, Godly people surrounding and supporting her. He also began to realize and admit many of his own shortcomings and weaknesses, as did Kayla her own. Dealing with these various obstacles greatly stretched the couples’ character. They learned that loving somebody requires a lot of patience, understanding, and forgiveness. They also realized more and more the importance of staying connected with God, to keep Him as the strong centre of their relationship.

Over the course of the year, Joshua fell deeper and deeper in love with Kayla. The way her heart broke with compassion for children and orphans brought him to tears more than once, and he never felt as warm inside as when Kayla spoke excitedly of her desire to raise a family of her own with him. When he went away on a Missions trip for two weeks, he missed Kayla more than anything. He also received a small, special box from a school where he taught local school-children, and hid it away, envisioning an incredible future use for it. At Christmas time, Joshua surprised Kayla with a plane ticket to come meet his extended family in the Maritimes. They loved her right away, recognizing her character and beauty, and how perfect a partner she was for him. 

Once they were back in Ottawa, Joshua and Kayla began to plan their ideas for a wedding. Even though they weren’t yet engaged, they knew that they wanted to marry each other, and began to seriously plan what had previously only been dreaming and imagining. They looked into possible wedding venues, living locations, and honeymoon destinations. They bought a big wedding planning book. They prepared everything that they could without actually being engaged, with the plan that Joshua would propose in the Fall.

Joshua began to dream up his proposal plan, thinking of ways he could make it special and unique. Once his plan was complete, he was so excited he could barely contain himself. He first told his parents about his plans to propose. Then shared them with more and more friends, and even colleagues. He couldn’t stop gushing about how terrific Kayla was, and how excited he was to propose to her and eventually be her husband. 

Following his return from a trip with his friends, Joshua made plans to ask Kayla’s father for permission to marry her. What was supposed to be a simple walk into the woods with him to examine the beehives became a much more intense ordeal when they were caught in a thunderstorm outside. Nevertheless, permission was bestowed; Kayla’s father told Joshua that he would be proud to call him his son-in-law, and that Joshua was more perfect for his daughter than anyone he could have wished for himself. 

After that special walk in the woods, Joshua collected his hard-earned money and selected the perfect engagement ring for Kayla, one that he had seen and adored several months previous. It was a ring that would truly represent her beauty and elegance. The white gold band would symbolize for him the perfect grace that Christ gave to them, washing them white as snow. And the solitary style would stand out as a single, unique beacon to draw the eye, in the same way that Joshua could only ever love Kayla, in all her unique splendor.

All these preparations Joshua made in anticipation of his proposal in the Fall. 

Except that wasn’t really the plan. From the start, Joshua had envisioned a summer proposal to surprise Kayla. He had wanted it to happen in a place so special to him, that he wanted to share with her as well. A place so beautiful that it was a perfect back-drop for a life-changing moment. His stomach had turned with nervousness and excitement ahead of the big day. And on the right day at the cottage, Joshua had invited her to have a picnic on the shore. From that perfect location, he had read her his very favourite story, one recorded on paper by him, but orchestrated by God Himself. And as he read the story, his heart full of love and hope, he got on one knee, produced the special box, opened it to reveal the ring inside, and said “Kayla Ashleigh December Bray, will you marry me?”

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